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Makin' a comeback! by Whitespy6 Makin' a comeback! :iconwhitespy6:Whitespy6 2 0 My attempt at Paint by Whitespy6 My attempt at Paint :iconwhitespy6:Whitespy6 1 0 Some of my favourite Youtubers by Whitespy6 Some of my favourite Youtubers :iconwhitespy6:Whitespy6 0 0 Here comes the chaos! by Whitespy6 Here comes the chaos! :iconwhitespy6:Whitespy6 1 0


Contest Extravaganza! Prizes!(Update.)
Edit 11/30/06:
  Added brief descriptions to the character reference section for those who asked.
Edit 11/20/06:
Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. There's been some really good entries that have already set the standard for everyone still working on theirs. I'm grateful for your participation. :) BUT..
There's been a common misconception here regarding the Categories. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Category A is for SPECIES of creatures. Entire RACES. Re-done versions of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, etc..  as well as creatures that are named individuals..  will ALL GO IN CATEGORY F. I said this in the rules already but I figured it was worth repeating based on the notes/e-mails I've been getting. :XD:
Anyway! Take care!  
End Edit!
I'm frigging moving again!!
I only got into this apartment three months ago, and here I'm up and getting out again. And th
:iconendling:Endling 2 371
TheTurnipGarden I.D. -- Entry by seiizuki TheTurnipGarden I.D. -- Entry :iconseiizuki:seiizuki 1 8 Teddy bears picnic by SilverMKI Teddy bears picnic :iconsilvermki:SilverMKI 1 0
Endles blue sky :Prologue:
Steam filled the high and vast room, hissing loudly and overpowering all the screams around. White coated men though seemed not to take notice of it, continuing to run around in chaos, screaming at each other and calling for something somewhere. Main way to most sooner or later though was towards stairs, leading away from laboratory. Some of trapped animals started to howl and yowl, while other silently watched from their cages as rooms stone walls shook, low thunder like sound running through the surroundings.
Large cracks started to appear in walls, sending men into even bigger panic, equipment starting to break apart. Their world was falling apart. The highest peak of human technology was being ripped in pieces by unknown force, steam engines around breaking apart, letting out their hot air and fogging up the room with loud hisses. Delicate equipment was shaken violently, but no-one around took notice of that. Humans ran for their lives, puzzled what to do
:iconwolfsneverdie:WolfsNeverDie 1 0
Gushing with Originality by Csp499 Gushing with Originality :iconcsp499:Csp499 1 6 Grrr by lunarstudioxk Grrr :iconlunarstudioxk:lunarstudioxk 4 3 death in the wind by madhater death in the wind :iconmadhater:madhater 1 0 the greater of two evils by angelhalo777 the greater of two evils :iconangelhalo777:angelhalo777 1 3 Alice and Red: Rest Time by LordDarknessZero Alice and Red: Rest Time :iconlorddarknesszero:LordDarknessZero 1 3
Dark Princess
As she wields into the dark
Insecurities come back
Lack of conscience fades
She’s thrown herself away
She had another lie at time
An excuse to fail herself
Cards at the table play bad hands
Loosing to the night ever after again
You got here on your might
On your paranoid crying
Flying with the sparrow bones
Lost your light to the night
Try staring at the twilight
Eyes wide open for the flight
Dark wings, oh dear princess
Show us all the tight denial
Expelled and incomplete
Laid the princess in her splints
Nothing left but smithereens
Candy bones and empty rings
Chocolate hearts
Chocolate coins
Chocolate dreams
Chocolate voice
All crushed to black
As she fades towards mad
As new arguments arise
She wants to listen no more
Oh my princess, such big pride
A sparkling intelligence overcomes your heart
A dazzling indifference clouding your mind
And tear drops of bitterness shuts the kind
Now it’s all gone dark
A new excuse to fail herself
As the princess becomes queen
And the abyss
:iconyereth-atl:yereth-atl 3 5
Hungry, hungry... wolf?
Hungry, hungry... wolf?
Damn I'm hungry; I thought the muffin man was supposed to live at Drury Lane. I can't find the guy anywhere... oh no, here comes mama bear... I swear if she tries to feed me some of that porridge again I'm going to puke.
The big bad wolf quickly stepped off Drury Lane, ducking into a side road that took him deep into the woods.
Phew that was close, I don't see what Goldilocks finds so appealing... Now where can a wolf get something to eat? I can't go to the three little pigs again, they're still mad at me for demolishing their house the other day. I still think it was kind of stupid to use straw as a building material though... Snow White, perhaps? I'm not about to judge her for living with seven guys, but what's the deal with her inability to tell a good apple from bad? That last one she gave me...
The big bad wolf shuddered, and as he thought to himself and trudged through the woods, he spotted Hansel and Gretel skipping together along the
:iconrunering:Runering 3 13
Tumblr Chibi Gang by JessyThePika Tumblr Chibi Gang :iconjessythepika:JessyThePika 11 0 The Invasion by BlackHarpyGoddess The Invasion :iconblackharpygoddess:BlackHarpyGoddess 58 54 Lilredbleed 2 by lilredbleed Lilredbleed 2 :iconlilredbleed:lilredbleed 14 6 Paint it all red... by AngrySushi Paint it all red... :iconangrysushi:AngrySushi 1 2 Hurr Durr by CrazedPotato Hurr Durr :iconcrazedpotato:CrazedPotato 28 34



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Okay, so this is a little weird story of me playing Batman Arkham Knight, and it went a little something like this. So I got to the point in which you could fight Deathstroke (in a cobra tank), and of course he would have backup from other cobra tanks. Everifing was going just fine! Until it happened. So I toke out one of the enemy cobra tanks and ran away as far and as fast as I could to get off their radar. Now THIS is where it get's weird. As soon as I got off the radar all I heard the very next second after was, *!BOOM!* there was just this LOUD explosion in the distance! And to make things weirder the Batmobile starter to move on it's own! I SHIT YOU NOT! I wasn't even moving the left analog stick! And then the camera started to pane off into the distance. I thought the camera broke! That was until the camera showed me Deathstroke sitting in an INVISIBLE CHAIR! I'm not kidding Deathstroke was literaly at the highest peak of the island, just sitting there casually in an INVISIBLE CHAIR! I was just stupified, just looking at my TV. And then Deathstroke desided to jump
off of his invisible chair to come down and fight Me/Batman, you'd think that they'd be fighting in the middle of the streets or something, but insted their FIGHTING in the MIDDLE of the OCEAN while HOVERING at the same time! and of course like the badass that Batman is defeats Deathstroke and put's him in the back of the batmobile (yes it was there as well), and as soon as that little cinematic is over I regain control of Batman only to fall in the water, the I batclaw on to the batmobile and enter it only to fall in water afterwards, then I respawn back in the city only to FALL THROUGH IT!
All the meanwhile I'm just there speceless, and then I was like "Um... well... maybe I should-", but before I can even finish my sentence, I was interupted by a very large and loud *!BOOM!* THAT ladies and gents, was the sound of the batmobile, EXPLODING! Then I get a death cinematic you'd thik i'sd be
Deathstroke huh? NOPE! Instead it was Alfred, ALFRED! Of ALL people ALFRED apppeared in a death cinematic! (I don't remember what he said thought.) I respawn bask in the middle of the streets in the batmobile, with Deathstroke in the back. Ater all that, all I could do was laught! I skiped the boss battle and everything! So yeah! That my little story for all of you to read. SEE YAH!


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